Building Better Relationships


What I offer

Put simply, I work with couples and individuals on any issue that has a negative impact on their relationships. My brief is therefore as wide as there are human concerns. These are some of the KEY THEMES that clients bring:

Key themes
  • Affairs
  • Arguments
  • Anger and avoidance
  • Bereavement and loss
  • Commitment and trust
  • Communication difficulties
  • Divorce, separation and loss
  • Finances, work and unemployment
  • Mental and physical illness
  • Religious and cultural differences
  • Sex and intimacy
  • Parenting
  • Co-parenting
  • Young children
  • Teenagers
  • Elderly dependants
  • Impact of conflict on children
  • In-laws
  • IVF and adoption
  • Single parenting
  • Step Families
  • Retirement

My clients usually come because they don’t know how to make their relationship work, but ideally would like to stay together. Occasionally, they need support in separating in the most respectful and least damaging way, especially when children are involved. Sometimes, they come because they cannot move on from a painful divorce or separation. Or they have lost trust in themselves after several failed relationships.

Whatever the reason, it requires courage to take up therapy. But I strongly believe that every emotional crisis holds potential for growth, both for individuals and for couples.

“Humans can create conflict. They maintain it. They are able to solve it.”

U.S. Senator George Mitchell
BACP Register